Hall of Fame & Awards

Hall of Fame

The Racquetball Canada Hall of Fame was established to honour those involved with the sport of racquetball who have distinguished themselves as being an exceptional athlete or member of an exceptional team or a person who has made a significant contribution as a builder of sport.

The Racquetball Canada Hall of Fame was introduced in 2016, with the first members being inducted at the 2017 Canadian Championships Banquet.

Inductees can become honoured members of the Hall of Fame in one of two categories:

  • In the Athlete Category for outstanding achievements as an individual or a team;
  • In the Builder Category for outstanding contribution to the sport as a leader, administrator, official, coach, business leader, media or in other roles.

Hall of Fame Honoured Members

Class of 2022
Michael Green - Athlete
Roger Harrispersad - Athlete
Jack McBride - Bulder
Class of 2021
A headshot of John Kempo wearing sunglasses.
John Kempo - Builder
Howie Rankin - Builder
Ken Wilson standing with his wife Ruth Wilson
Ken Wilson - Builder
Class of 2020
Vincent Gagnon - Athlete
Heather McKay - Athlete
Class of 2019
Kris Odegard - Athlete
Simon Roy - Athlete
Roald Thompson - Builder
Class of 2018
Mike Ceresia - Athlete
Josée Grand'Maître - Athlete
Christie (Van Hees) Huczek - Athlete
Gary Ness - Builder
Calvin Smith - Builder
Class of 2017
Sherman Greenfeld - Athlete
Cliff Hendrickson - Builder
Lindsay Myers - Athlete
Heather (Stupp) Meyer - Athlete


Racquetball Canada recognizes those who contribute to the sport through an annual awards program designed to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and contributions of athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, sports leaders and builders of the sport.

Racquetball Canada introduced the Ivan Velan Award in 1985, which was named in honour of Racquetball Canada’s second President. Over the years, other awards have been added to the awards program, which now include six awards. In addition to the Ivan Velan Award, two other awards honour members of the Canadian racquetball community.  In 1985 Racquetball Canada introduced an award to honour Marc Caouette of Edmonton, who made significant contributions to junior programs in Alberta and across Canada. And in 2015, Racquetball Canada paid tribute to Susan Livingston, a long-time advocate of women in sport and supporter of racquetball, by re-naming its Women’s Award in her honour.

Racquetball Canada Annual Awards

  • Ivan Velan Award – recognizes the efforts of administrators, builders, athletes, coaches and officials who have made a significant contribution to racquetball. Click here to learn more about Ivan Velan and his contribution to sport.
  • President’s Award – acknowledges the contribution of individuals who may not fall within the categories of the Ivan Velan Award.
  • Coaching Award – Racquetball Canada’s coaching excellence award.
  • Susan Livingston Award – acknowledges the contribution of those advancing women in the sport of racquetball.
  • Long Service Award – recognizes those who have given long service to the organization, but may not qualify for the Ivan Velan Award.
  • Marc Caouette Award – recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to junior programs and athlete

Award Recipients

Year Ivan Velan Award President’s Award Coaching Award Susan Livingston Award Long Service Award Marc Caouette Award

Rick Shmon (Coach)

2019 Bob Fong (Builder) Mike Green Rino Langelier Cheryl Adlard   Andrew Dick
2018 Ron Brown (Builder) Jack McBride Evan Pritchard Gwen Smoluk Bob Papineau  
2017 Ross Richardson (Builder) Barry Moore   Marion McBride    
2016   Michel Gagnon   Bobbie Mack    
2015 Rick Mattson (Builder & Official)     Susan Livingston    
2014   Adrian Webb       Evan Pritchard
2013   Alison Schlichemeyer        
2012   Barry Moore       Rob Barclay
2011 Geri Powell (Builder)          
2010     Loren Prentice      
2009           Ron Duda
2008 Rino Langelier (Coach)          
2007 Cheryl McKeeman
    Carol Jacobson   Dorys Boissonneault
2006 Usher Barnoff (Builder & Official)     Penny Pratt   Barry Moore
2005 Cal Smith (Builder & Official)     Josée Grand’Maître   Mike & Linda Volek
2004 Eric Easton (Builder & Official)     Jeanette Clark   Marc Caouette
2003 Loren Prentice (Coach)     Lori-Jane Powell    
2002 Michel Gagnon (Coach)     Cheryl McKeeman    
2001 Lori Johnstone (Athlete & Builder)   Michel Gagnon Gord Kurenoff    
2000 Sherman Greenfield (Athlete)     Valari Hendrickson & Jennifer  Saunders     
1999 D’Arcy Bain (Builder)     Christie Van Hees    
1996 Rodney Lee (Builder)          
1994 Cliff Hendrickson (Builder)   Loren Prentice      
1993 Heather Stupp (Athlete)          
1992 Don Stone (Builder)          
1991 Ron Pawlowski (Coach)          
1990 RoaldThompson (Builder & Athlete)          
1989 Yvan Girardeau (Athlete)          
1987 Ian McKenzie (Builder & Official)          
1985 Gary Ness (Coach)          
1984 Ann Thatcher (Builder)          
1983 Wayne Jeffery (Builder)          
1982 Dorothy Jeffery          
1981 Albert Hilier          
1979 Wes Hadikin (Builder & Athlete)          
1978 Sandy Van Riper          
1977 Dr. Stephen L. Milstein          


Racquetball Canada invites nominations for the Racquetball Canada Hall of Fame and the Racquetball Canada Awards from any interested individual. The deadline for nominations for any calendar year is midnight CST, January 31st.

Hall of Fame

Each nomination is reviewed by the Racquetball Canada Hall of Fame Selection Committee, which recommend each year’s inductees to the Racquetball Canada Board of Directors. The process of selecting the inductees is extensive and follows the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.

  • Click here for the Hall of Fame Criteria
  • Click here for the Athlete Hall of Fame Nomination Form in a PDF format
  • Click here for the Athlete Hall of Fame Nomination Form in a Word format
  • Click here for the Builder Hall of Fame Nomination Form in a PDF format
  • Click here for the Builder Hall of Fame Nomination Form ins a Word format
  • Click here to download the Hall of Fame Policy and Selection Process


  • Click here for the Racquetball Canada Awards Criteria
  • Click here for the Racquetball Canada Awards Nomination Form
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