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Welcome to Racquetball Canada’s Store!

Our goal is to connect you with items that you may not be able to purchase locally. Our current offerings include equipment and sportswear items. Over time we plan to add more items to the store that will be of interest to players, clubs and fans.

We welcome your suggestions for what you’d like to see added. If you have great ideas email us.


  • All items except the Badge Program materials will be purchased and shipped by a third party. 
  • Racquetball Canada is not responsible for purchases, refunds, warranty or quality of the products being purchased with the exception of the Badge Program materials.

Badge Program Materials – Coming Soon!

You will be able to purchase the following Badge Program Materials here on the Racquetball Canada Store including:

  • Starter Kit
  • Report Cards and badges
  • Information Brochure
  • Awareness Poster
  • Levels Poster

Check back for pricing.


Tecnifibre Adaptive Racquetballs

  • The perfect ball for juniors and beginners
  • Plays at a much slower pace than the standard racquetball
  • Comes in a case of 24 cans of 3 balls or a half case
  • Cost $12.50 per sleeve of balls, plus GST and shipping

To order email us.

Pro Penn HD Racquetballs

The Pro Penn HD (high definition) racquetball is the fastest and most comfortable ball in the Penn lineup. Penn designed this ball to take advantage of new light and powerful racquet technologies, and made it one of the most visible colors for indoor racquetball. Unleash the true power of your racquet with the Pro Penn HD.

Official ball of Racquetball Canada

  • Comes in a case of 24 cans of 3 balls or a half case
  • Cost $7.75 per sleeve of balls,  plus GST and shipping
  • To order email us.

Clothing and Merchandise

Racquetball Canada Webstore

Need a t-shirt, bag or hat? Check out out the new Racquetball Canada swag.

Place your order though the Racquetball Canada Webstore

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