To be sanctioned, tournaments and events must be set up and run through Racquetball Canada’s tournament and event software.  The use of this platform ensures that the event is included in the national event listing on the Racquetball Canada website, that the results are included in national and provincial rankings, that all participants are members of Racquetball Canada and their provincial association and that everyone is covered by insurance. It also ensures that all waivers and the UCCMS have been signed.

Hosting & Events Website

Support for Tournament Directors

The following tutorials will help you set up your tournament.

If you need further support, contact Jen Saunders, who can provide advice with hosting events and assistance with how to use the tournament software and create draws. 

Racquetball Canada invites those interested in hosting one or more of the following events to submit an Expression of Interest. The window for submitting an expression of interest opens annually on September 2. 

  • National Championships: one event held annually beginning on the May long weekend
  • National Team Selection Events: two events held each season in November and February
  • Westerns or Easterns: one event held each season in the West (fall) and East (winter)

Events will be awarded using the following system:

  • National Championships: those whose Expressions of Interest are approved will be entered into a hosting rotation. One Host will be awarded the next National Championships and the others will remain in the rotation for future championships. This does not preclude new Expressions of Interest from being submitted and included in the rotation.
  • National Team Selection Events: will be awarded each season
  • Westerns and Easterns: will be awarded a three-year contract

The following is a summary of the annual timeline:

  • September 1: Deadline for Expressions of Interest
  • October 15: Confirmation of inclusion in the rotation of hosts and confirmation of the next Host Committee and location
  • January 15: Deadline for the Host Committee of the next event to submit their final Hosting Plan.

Click on each of the images below to view or download our event flyers which provide all the details about hosting a national event. 

Click on the buttons to download the Expression of Interest forms. Submit your Expression of Interest Forms to the Sport Development Committee

If you are interested in hosting an International Racquetball Federation event contact us for more information. 

Application to host a pro tour event is done through either the International Racquetball Tour or the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour. Clubs or organizations interested in hosting an event are encouraged to contact us as there may be ways we can support you. 

Injury  and No Show Protocol

What happens if a player forfeits at match either through injury during the match, or by the player’s discretion prior to the match starting?

  1. Once a match has started and a player gets injured, this should be recorded as a injury default loss. This match will be included in the player’s ranking history as an injury default.
  2. A match that is not played and hasn’t started for any reason (injury or anything else) should be entered as a no show and won’t be counted in the ranking.
  3. It is the tournament director’s decision as to whether a player who defaults a match due to an injury or no show, can continue to play in future matches in the tournament.
Round Robin Rules

What happens when there is a tie in a division using a round robin format (i.e., every player plays every other player)? Find out via Official Round Robin Rules.

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