Club Bulletin Board

Your club bulletin board is one of the best tools for promoting racquetball to the general public and communicating with those already playing. 

We’ve provided several posters that can be downloaded and printed. Just click on the posters you like to access a downloadable version.

Most of the Racquetball Canada posters are designed as fillable PDFs so you can insert your own information prior to printing. When you download the file, you’ll be able to tell if it’s fillable from the file name. You’ll also be able to see the optimum size for printing.

The Racquetball Canada posters can also be purchased in our online store. 

Racquetball 101 Poster
Racquetball Ambassdor Promotional Poster
Intro Program Promotional
Poster #2
Badge Program Levels Poster
Badge Program Promotional Poster
Rule of Two Poster
Abuse-Free Sport Helpline
Safe Sport Training Poster
Inflatable Court Promotional Poster
Concussion Awareness Poster
Concussion Protocol Tool