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About Us

Racquetball Canada is the National Sport Organization for the sport of racquetball.  As a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, our mission is to coordinate, govern and encourage the advancement of racquetball from the grassroots to the elite level across Canada. Our vision is to be a visible, vibrant sport enjoyed coast to coast by Canadians of all ages and abilities.

Racquetball Canada is committed to work forward and lead in equity, diversity, and inclusion, and stand against any form of racism, discrimination, or harassment on and off the court to ensure all Canadians see themselves represented in our sport.

Racquetball Canada is also a proud member of the International Racquetball Federation and the Pan American Racquetball Confederation. National teams compete in the Pan Am Games, Pan Am Championships and the World Games as well as the World Championships at both the junior and elite level. Racquetball Canada also partners with local organizers to host tournaments including Canadian Championships and National Team selection events.

Racquetball Canada receives considerable funding from the Government of Canada through Sport Canada. This enables our organization to provide Canadians access to our sport as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, and help high performance athletes participate and succeed in competitions.

Racquetball Canada works closely with our provincial associations and partners to offer developmental and high performance programs across Canada for athletes, coaches and officials. We partner with the Coaching Association of Canada and the provincial and territorial coaching associations to offer coach training programs.

Mission, Vision and Values


To coordinate, govern and encourage the advancement of Racquetball from grassroots to elite levels across Canada


Racquetball as a visible and vibrant sport enjoyed coast to coast by Canadians of all ages and abilities


The values we believe to be instrumental in making decisions and impacting how we interact are outlined below. We believe in managing Racquetball Canada according to these values and ensuring that the Principles of True Sport are activated on the field of play.

The first letter from key words in our value statements spell TRUE integrating our values with the principles of True Sport.

How We Live Our Values

Racquetball Canada ValuesOur DeclarationI/We Live Our Values By . . .
We believe that integrity makes True championsOur sport builds character and teaches life lessons that extend beyond the court. We strive to make ethical decisions and to behave in a manner that reflects our values. We work tirelessly to create and preserve trustProviding leadership by adhering to our policies Offering education and development opportunities to coaches, officials and athletes
We foster a safe and inclusive expeRienceWe respect each other and advocate for a quality sport environment. We invite multiple perspectives to ensure fairness and dignity for everyone. Everyone has the right to feel supported and welcomedAdopting safe sport guidelines Inviting all communities to participate
We are one, connected commUnity We strive to foster a fun, positive, diverse and rewarding environment where everyone has a place to learn, grow, volunteer, work and compete.We encourage everyone to stay involved for life. We believe that everyone can benefit from our sport’s healthy lifestyle.We offer a variety of programs and leagues to accommodate all skill levels and ages We are adaptable and open to new opportunities
 We are committed to ExcellenceWe go the extra mile to ensure quality results, effective processes and good governance. We help everyone achieve their highest potential. We strive to be transparent and accountable in our actions, decisions and promises. We encourage everyone to participate, to have fun and to strive for excellence.We ensure that everyone has a place to participate and be challenged We develop opportunities for meaningful competition

Commitment to Diversity

Racquetball Canada is finding new ways to ensure inclusion and diversity in our sport and to ensure racquetball is welcoming and safe for all. We work hand in hand with our partners to provide tools, information and resources to enable those involved to create positive experiences for all. We encourage our sport community to continue to learn with us.

Racquetball Canada resolves to continue to incorporate inclusion, diversity, and equity matters in its strategies, plans, actions, and operations; including technical programs, business management, sponsorship, marketing, media and communications.

Racquetball Canada will ensure that the organization provides Under-Represented Groups with a full and equitable range of opportunities to participate and lead. 

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