Racquetball Canada is currently transitioning to a new membership database and structure.  For an overview and explanation of the changes, please review this document

Registration links to the new system can be found below by clicking on your province.  If there is no link to your province, please contact your province directly.


Alberta: Please contact the provincial office

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Quebec:  Please contact the provincial office





Insurance is available to provincial Racquetball Canada Members, board of directors and club board of directors if it is needed.  For more information, contact Racquetball Canada and review the overview of the program or the brochure.




Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc. is the insurance provider for Racquetball Canada’s Sport Accident Insurance.

This is a secondary insurance program, which means you can apply for it once your own insurance benefits have been exhausted.

The following are the instructions if you wish to apply for secondary insurance following an accident which occurs during a Racquetball Canada sanctioned event (tournament such as a National Team Selection Event, Canadian Championships, etc, or a Racquetball Canada organized training session or practice).

If you are a national team member who needs to make a claim for out of country travel to an International Racquetball Federation sanctioned event please contact the Racquetball Canada Executive Director for instructions.

Accident Claim Form Instructions

  • Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc. must receive notification of your accident within 30 days of the accident.
  • Complete the Sport Accident Claim Form and Physician Statement. If your claim is for dental injury have your dentist complete and submit a Predetermination Form. Click here to download the claim form.
  • Claims Forms can be submitted to our office electronically or by fax. If you are submitting the forms by mail, please forward copies only and retain originals for your files. All contact information for submitting the form can be found on the Sport Accident Claim Form.
  • If you intend to make a claim but have not had out of pocket expenses to date, complete and submit claim form indicating that receipts are to follow.
  • If you have questions regarding submission of forms please contact Pearson Dunn’s Sports & Recreation Department by phone at 1-800-461-5087 or by email.