Kurtis Cullen


Date of Birth



Brandon, Manitoba


Brandon, Manitoba

Home Club

Brandon Community Sportsplex, Brandon


Evan Pritchard



Kurtis Cullen has a true Iove for the sport of racquetball. Cullen began playing as a junior in Brandon and had success at the national and international level. He was a member of the team that won silver at the 2022 World Championships in the Men’s Team Event. As a junior, Cullen was the 18 & U Junior National Champion in both Singles and Doubles. He went on to win bronze in 18 & Under doubles with partner Sam Murray at the 2011 Junior World Championships. Cullen stepped back from high performance competition while he pursued training and a career as an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter. He never strayed far from the game, however, competing when he could find time and working to develop the sport in his hometown of Brandon. Cullen has returned to high performance competition on a regular basis and has climbed the ranks nationally as an elite athlete. In 2022, Cullen won his first medal at the elite national level, winning silver in Men’s Open Doubles with partner Coby Iwaasa.


Start in Racquetball:  I started playing racquetball when I was 4 years old after my oldest sister got inolved through elementary school.

Reason for playing:  I love the intensity that racquetball brings. There is no better feeling than being on a court with a ball traveling upwards of 250km/h while still being in complete control.

Training habits:  I do a lot of my on court training by myself working on footwork, serves, and shooting set-ups. I aim to be on the court at least 4 times a week, accompanied with about 5 days of off-court training.

Best Racquetball moment:  My best racquetball memory was in 2011 when I won the 18 & under singles and doubles titles on my birthday.

Non Racquetball talents:  If being a nerd is a talent, then that is definitely it! I always have 3 or 4 books on the go, and describe myself as a personal development junkie.

When you are not playing racquetball, you are probably?  I am most likely sitting down with a good book or doing my off-court training. I am also the head coach of the junior racquetball program at my club, so I spend a lot of time working with upcoming juniors.

What is something people might not know about you or find surprising?  I am a licensed paramedic and firefighter!

What advice to you have for athletes who want to play at your level?  Practice, practice, practice! Watch videos of how the pros play and try to learn what they are doing in their game that is different than yours. I try not to re-invent the wheel, but learn from those who have already done it.

Who has been important in your development as an athlete?  I think my earliest influence was my junior coach Mike Volek followed by Jen Saunders, Mike Green and Evan Pritchard. I also have to thank my parents for their never ending support!


2022 National Championships
Men's Open Doulbes
2021 National Championships
Men's Open Doubles
2011 Junior World Championships
18 & U Boys Doubles
2011 Junior National Championships
18 & U Singles
2011 Junior National Championships
17 & U Doubles