Legends Doubles!

To honour our past – Legends Doubles will be included in the 2024 Nationals. This is a co-ed category where at least one of the team members must be a former national team member. 

Start recruiting a Legend and register for this fun division!

Tournament Format

Sanctioning, Rules & Rankings

  • All participants must be a Gold Member in good standing with Racquetball Canada.
  • All Racquetball Canada / International Racquetball Federation rules apply including rally point scoring.
  • The Racquetball Canada official ball is the Gearbox Sleek Black.
  • Racquetball Canada official rankings will be used for all divisions.
  • The Racquetball Canada Tournament Director reserves the right to reclassify players.
  • To participate in any National Championship, participants must be a Canadian resident.
  • To participate in the Open division or Junior age categories participants must be a Canadian citizen (does not include Mixed Open Doubles).
  • Legends Doubles – at least one team member must be a former national team member.


Age Divisions

  • Junior Divisions – Must meet age requirement as of January 1.
  • Senior Divisions – Must meet age requirement as of the first day of the tournament.


Format & Order of Play

  • Tournament play starts on Monday May 20 at 12 noon and ends on Saturday May 25 in mid-afternoon.
  • Junior & Adult divisions to be played the same week
  • Singles & doubles to be played on the same days
  • Daily schedule in order: Age division singles – skill division singles (repeat singles if necessary) – age division doubles – skill division doubles – mixed doubles
  • Doubles finals to be played Friday evening
  • Singles finals to be played Saturday
  • Losers referee the next match as assigned by the tournament desk


Match Formats

  • Men’s Open Singles & Doubles and Women’s Open Singles & Doubles Divisions – Olympic Format
  • Singles – Pool play followed by elimination draws
  • Doubles – Single elimination draw with consolation
  • Draws posted at the tournament venue and online on the tournament registration website are the official times. 

Match Guarantee

  • 3 match guarantee in singles divisions (unless 2 or 3 person round robin draw)
  • 2 match guarantee in doubles divisions


Division Parameters

  • Participants may register for a maximum of 3 divisions under the following parameters:
    • Max of 2 singles divisions
    • Max of 2 doubles divisions
  • Max of one singles skill division (A, B, C etc.) and one age singles division:
    • Singles age division are gender specific
    • Singles skill divisions are co-ed (not including Open)
  • You may play one skill (A, B, C, etc.) doubles and one age division doubles, OR one age doubles and one mixed doubles, OR one skill doubles and one mixed doubles
  • Skill divisions in doubles must be of the level of the higher ranked partner
  • For Junior National Team qualification junior participants can only play their specific age category in the following singles divisions: 21U, 18U & 16U
  • Juniors may play up in age divisions only in doubles divisions
  • Only juniors aged 14+ may participate in adult skill divisions
  • Juniors participating in their singles age category may register for a 4th division under the following parameters:
    • Max of 2 singles divisions and 2 doubles divisions
    • To register for a 4th division you must email admin@racquetballcanada.ca


Tournament Rules

Racquetball Canada follows the IRF Rule Book for all competitions. In addition, the following apply.

Ranking Guidelines for Skill Divisions

Division Ranking Placement
Men's Open 1 to 25
Women's Open 1 to 11
Coed Elite 26 to 75
Coed A 76 to 140
Coed B 141 to 210
Coed C 211 to 295
Coed D 296 +
  • Men’s & Women’s Open are based on gender specific rankings
  • Coed divisions are based on coed rankings
  • Players can choose to play a higher skill level then their ranking
  • Players may not play lower than their ranking
  • Applies to all skill divisions (singles, doubles and mixed doubles)
  • Skill divisions in doubles must be of the level of the higher ranked partner


Registration Fees & Deadline

1st division:   $150.00
2nd division:   $25.00
3rd division:   $25.00

The tournament registration fee includes:

  • Welcome Package
  • Tournament Souvenir
  • Meet & Greet (Monday May 20 from 4:30 to 8:30 pm) 
  • Lunch at the tournament venue on each competition day
  • Ticket to the Awards Banquet
The registration deadline is May 6 at 23:59 Mountain. No late registrations will be accepted.