Racquetball Canada understands that screening personnel and volunteers is a vital part of providing a safe sporting environment and has become a common practice among sport organizations that provide programs and services to the community.

Racquetball Canada’s Screening Policy applies to all individuals whose position is one of trust or authority which may relate to, at a minimum, finances, supervision of Vulnerable individuals.

Racquetball Canada uses several tools for screening and takes into account the type of work and the level of contact the person will have with others in determining which of the following processes are required:

  • Applications forms
  • Screening disclosure forms
  • Orientation, Training & Monitoring
  • Background screening (including Enhanced Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Check)
  • Letters of reference
  • Driver’s abstracts/Driving Record

Background Screening

Racquetball Canada will require those in certain positions to complete background screening. This is determined by the risk of harm the position poses to Racquetball Canada and its participants.

Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC)

As a partner in the Responsible Coaching Movement, Racquetball Canada members are able to obtain an E-PIC at a discounted rate through Sterling Backcheck.

The provinces of Ontario and British Columbia have some processes and requirements that are different from others. Refer to our Screening Policy for more information if you reside in either of those provinces.

Click here for further information about E-PIC.

Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)

Individuals may only obtain a VSC by visiting an RCMP office or police station, submitting two pieces of government-issued identification (one of which must have a photo) and completing any required paperwork. Fees may also apply.

Orientation, Training & Monitoring

The type and amount of orientation, training and monitoring for personnel and volunteers will be based on the level of risk and the level of contact involved.

Orientation provides important information about the organization such as policies, procedures, safety protocols and organizational information.

Training includes activities such as certification courses, online learning, workshops and mentoring. Depending upon the individual’s role with Racquetball Canada, specific training may be required. Click here for more information about recommended and required training courses.

Monitoring helps ensure that personnel and volunteers understand and are implementing the requirements and actions to safeguard participants.

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