Racquetball BC Newest viaSport Affiliate

It was announced today that Racquetball BC has gained Affliate Provincial Sport Organization status with viaSport! Affiliate status will allows Racquetball BC to benefit from a variety of granting programs, organizational development and education opportunities available only to viaSport’s members and affiliates.

Over the past year, Racquetball BC volunteers have been committed to re-establishing the organization’s status in the BC sport community. They have developed new policies, a new website and a revitalized vision. As well, they have been able to hire staff to help out, incuding Jennifer Falloum who has come on board as their Executive Director. Racquetball BC will be welcoming Jenn official in the next few days.

Both Cheryl McKeeman and Jennifer provided comments for the viaSport release. Here’s what they had to say.

“We at Racquetball BC are excited and committed to growing and developing the sport of racquetball in B.C.” said Cheryl McKeeman, president of Racquetball BC, “With the support of Racquetball Canada and viaSport we were able to achieve Affiliated Status as a Provincial Sport Organization and look forward to further growth and development of the organization and sport,” added Jennifer Falloon, executive director of Racquetball BC.

Congratulations to the volunteers and Board of Racquetball BC! We are excited about what is to come next.

The viaSport release can be found here.