Award Bio – Ron Pawlowski


  • 1991 Ivan Velan Award Recipient

(from Racquetball Canada Archives – source: Canadian Racquetball, vol. 7, no. 2/3, 1991/92)

Ron Pawlowski, former national team coach, was the recipient of the Ivan Velan Award at the Canadian Racquetball Championship last May.

The Coaching Committee wrote the following on the candidate’s nomination form: “This committee believes that Mr. Pawlowski has made an outstanding contribution to the development of racquetball in Canada, primarily in the field of coaching. His energy and commitment to the National Team program have earned him the admiration and respect of all those associated with racquetball: from national team players to volunteers and staff at Racquetball Canada. It often cost him time and money, but it never seemed to him that this personal sacrifice was a consideration. The people who have known and worked with Mr. Pawlowski have always felt pleasure and enthusiasm.”

From 1984 to 1990, Ron was particularly active as a national team coach. He was the coach of the men’s team and head coach for many years. In 1989, as a recognition for his contributions, he was awarded the Longines-Wittnauer Program Award of Merit, a program in support of the coaches. In 1984, Ron won the senior category at the World Championships held in Sacramento. He is now a member of the National Team Committee.

An article published in First Serve/Premier Service on the 1986 World Championships read as follows: ” (…) Coaches – They provided each player with undeniable support and direction. They knew when to ask for extra effort and when to retire in the shadows. They were worried but never overwhelmed the players. They were lenient towards them and respected their autonomy on the playgrounds. They were benevolent in victory, and strong and comforting in defeat. They have earned, without any solicitation on their part, the respect and collaboration of the entire team, at any time and in any place, thanks to their understanding and training methods. It is therefore not surprising that Canada has had its best results ever.

We thank you, Ron, for your hard work over the years and for your contribution to excellence in racquetball coaching.


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