Funding Programs

Development Grants

Racquetball Canada has developed a new grant for provinces and clubs call the Development Grant. Development Grants are grants that Racquetball Canada has created to help provinces or clubs return to sport.  The goal of the grant is to attract, develop or retain athletes.  The grants range from $500.00 to $1500.00.  Those applying are asked to provide a detailed budget and reason for the grant.  Specific consideration will be given to programs that support indigenous programming, attracting women and girls, or coaching athletes with a disability, or developing female coaches.  For more information contact us.

Junior Development Centre Funding

The Junior Development Centre Funding is an annual funding program. Criteria for the grant funding is provided within the application.  Grants are given to Centres that will have a minimum of 3 athletes and must include at least one female athlete or a minimum of 6 athletes of a single gender. For more information contact us.

Coach Education Grants

If you would like to reach out and host a coach education workshop or would like help accessing funds for coach education reach out to Racquetball Canada today.  For more information contact us.

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