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Development Projects Grant

One of Racquetball Canada’s roles is to promote and increase participation in the sport across the country. In order to be successful in long-term growth in the sport, it is essential to develop partnerships with its Provincial Associations, local clubs and other community sport agencies, as these organizations have the same commitment to increase participation in racquetball and/or physical activity in general.

Though the Development Projects Grant Program, Racquetball Canada has earmarked funding to support projects that will increase participation in the sport. The following is a list of potential participants, but the grant is not limited those listed.

  • Female participants;
  • Aboriginal participants;
  • Athletes and participants with a Disability;
  • New Canadians;
  • Youth;
  • Young adults.

The Development Projects Grant Application Guide will assist organizations to develop and submit their grant application. Also applicants can contact Racquetball Canada staff at any time for clarification or assistance in developing their project.

Racquetball Canada has developed a number of resources, such as, the Badge Program, Lesson Plans, Coach Development, How to Guides etc., which can be used in the delivery of innovative programs and projects to increase participation. There are also human resources at the national, provincial and local levels that can assist clubs or community organizations to initiate a variety of developmental projects.

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