Award Bio – Alison Schlichemeyer


  • 2013 President’s Award Recipient

Alison Schlichemeyer was an outstanding player in her own right, having played at the highest level of competition and was previously a member of Racquetball Canada’s national team.

After leaving the sport at a competitive level, she become an amazing volunteer, taking on may roles including the Presidency of the Saskatchewan Racquetball Association.

Schlichemeyer is currently devoting her time and energy to giving back to racquetball in order to further promote the sport. She has taken on a leadership role in attracting and developing new players and is growing our sport one step at a time. She teachers athletes of all ages and is encouraging athletes with disabilities to play racquetball.

Schlichemeyer has been instrumental in introducing the new Racquetball Canada “Play Racquetball” player recruitment system, introducing the program through schools and community groups around Saskatchewan.



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