Award Bio – Bob Fong

Bob Fong

  • 2019 Ivan Velan Award Recipient

Bob Fong has served as the physiotherapist for Team Canada at international events for many years.

Fong first started travelling with the National Team in 2002. He became an integral part of the success of the team while being on the team support staff for at least ten international events including World Championships and Pan Am Championships.

As Team Physiotherapist, Fong brought his vast experience and “whole body” approach to the team at every competition, taking time away from his practice at Jericho Physio where he is co-owner.

Fong put in long hours during competition, preparing team members for matches while monitoring and treating athletes for any injuries. He was tireless in his treatments each evening getting everyone feeling their best for the next day. Bob also monitored the team’s health in often less than ideal conditions – this included coaches, officials and Canadian delegates. He always was in tune with the mental health of the team and worked hard to ensure everyone was ready to deal with the next stage of competition.

Fong brought his positive attitude to each event also stepping in as counselor, confidant, photographer, tour guide and cheerleader as needed. An avid fan and self proclaimed B player Bob also attended many Selection Events and Pro Stops on his own time helping players from Canada at no cost to them. He also made himself available to advise National Team members outside of the competition environment.

Racquetball Canada and its National Team Athletes have been fortunate to have the professional expertise and amazing talents of Bob Fong on their side. Fong’s years of service and dedication to Racquetball Canada and its National Team make him a deserving candidate for the Ivan Velan Award.


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