Award Bio – Ian McKenzie


  • 1987 Ivan Velan Award Recipient

(from Racquetball Canada Archives. Source: Canadian Racquetball, vol. 3, no. 3, 1987)

Vancouver’s Ian McKenzie is the 1987 winner of the Ivan Velan Award, the Canadian Racquetball Association’s most prestigious award. The presentation was made by CRAPresident Dan Stone as part of the awards ceremony at the 1987 Senior Nationals banquet.

The Velan Award which was first awarded in 1977, is presented by the CRA for “outstanding contribution to Canadian racquetball.” Although considered by many to be an annual award, the Velan award is not necessarily presented each year. It was not awarded in 1980 and again in 1986.

Nominated by the BCRA McKenzie was a Director of the BCRA dating back to 1971 and carried on until he was elected a Director of the CRA in 1980. He continues to be a key member of the National Board and Executive and currently holds the position of First Vice-President.

He was the first President of the CRA Promotions Association, the first co-chairman of the officiating committee and was instrumental in writing the first official rule book for the CRA In addition, he formulated the original Officiating Instruction Package and the Course Conductor’s Package for the CRA. Currently a Level III referee, McKenzie is credited with the beginning in 1971 of what is today known as Senior Nationals.

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