Michael Leduc


Date of Birth



Valleyfield, Québec


Québec, Québec

Home Club

Peps de l’Université Laval, Québec


Rino Langelier



Michael Leduc has been committed to the sport of racquetball for many years. He began playing as a junior where he had podium success and was named to the Junior National Team that represented Canada at the Junior World Championships in 2013. Leduc played in his first National Championships in 2012, while still a junior athlete. He has continued to hone his technical and competitive skills which has resulted in national team placement. Leduc’s first elite podium result came in 2022, when he won a bronze medal in the Men’s Open Doubles division with partner Nathan Jauvin.


Start in Racquetball: I started playing racquetball because the club was 2 minutes away from my house and my father played for fun. I started playing once a week while playing hockey and after my first junior national in Montreal, I decided to get more serious about it.

Reason for playing: I love the competition and the adrenaline that the sport brings.

Training habits: I train on the court 3 to 4 times and in the gym 1 to 2 times a week.

Best Racquetball moment: My best memory is when I won my first junior national title in doubles with my partner Nicolas Bousquet.

Non Racquetball talents: Golf and video games.

What is something people might not know about you or find surprising?I like to cook.

When you are not playing racquetball, you are probably? Working, playing golf or dek hockey.

What advise to you have for athletes who want to play at your level? Working and never giving up because nothing is impossible.

Who has been important in your development as an athlete? My coach has been a determining factor in my development as well as my parents who have always supported me in my journey.


2022 National Championships
Men's Open Doubles