Lahni Buller


Date of Birth



Grande Prairie, Alberta


Grande Prairie, Alberta

Home Club

Eastlink Centre, Grande Prairie


Jeff Buller



Lahni Buller has been a national junior-level competitor since 2021. She has earned a spot on the podium four times, including a gold medal in the 14U singles event at the 2022 championships. Buller’s ninth-place finish in the Women’s Open division at the 2024 National Championships, led to her first selection for the national development team.


Start in Racquetball – I’ve been around racquetball since I was very young. At first I was merely an audience member, cheering on my dad from outside the court. As I became older, racquetball became my family’s sport. We played for fun whenever we could, my father coaching my three siblings and I until we were confident enough to enter a local tournement. My interest and skill only grew from there, landing me at my first national tournament in 2021.

Reason for playing – Racquetball is a sport that, in my life, has brought people together. My family enjoys training and traveling to tournaments together; it gives us guaranteed, priceless quality time. It’s also the sport that I feel I can play with anyone, no matter the differing skill levels. I am able to invite friends to play and simply have a good time. Racquetball also gives me many opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have. Because of the sport, I am able to travel around Canada, meeting new people and seeing new places. I also love the fast-pace, intense aspects of racquetball. The snap of a good swing and the crack of the ball has always been satisfying to me. Racquetball gives me a great outlet for my more competitive side.

Training habits – I train twice a week: one session mostly devoted to drills and the other to a variety of play. As we get closer to tournaments, however, I tend to play four times a week, sometimes drilling on my own. I am very athletic during the rest of my time, as I enjoy casually playing a variety of other sports.

Best Racquetball memory – Though I have many, I would have to say receiving my first first place trophy in 2022. I had been playing racquetball for a few years already, without really beating anyone. I wasn’t sure that I had any skill in the sport whatsoever. Winning the junior division at Alberta’s provincial tournament gave me a new passion for the sport. It allowed me to believe that I could have a future in racquetball. It also gave me a determination to win again.

Hidden talent – Other than racquetball, I am decently talented at writing and baking. I love writing anything fiction, as well as short stories and poetry. I also really enjoy baking a variety of goods, from cookies to cakes in hopes of making it a career one day.

Free time away from racquetball – When I’m not playing racquetball, I would probably be studying for school, writing, baking, playing badminton/spike ball on our acreage, or hanging out with friends. I also raise Holland Lops and German Shepherds.

Something about Lahni that people would find surprising – I have been writing a novel for over three years now and hope to get it finished and published one day.

Advice for athletes with high performance goals – Don’t ever give up. Work hard towards your goal and don’t believe the lie that tells you that you’re not good enough. Keep pushing, but always remember to have fun.

Important people in Lahni’s development as a player – My parents and racquetball community have been a huge help to me over the years. My father and coach, Jeff Buller, has stuck with me, devoting his time and energy to training and making me a better player. My mother has also always been there for me, encouraging me and setting me straight when I get down after a match. My small racquetball community in Grande Prairie has also always been tight-knit and supportive. Finally, the Alberta Racquetball Association has aided my development by giving me the opportunities to travel to tournaments.





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Girl's 16U Singles
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Girl's 16U Singles
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Girl's 14U Singles
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