Call for Racquetball Canada Committee Members

Do you want to input into National decisions?

Do you want to get involved in Racquetball Canada?

Racquetball Canada is seeking applications for committee positions

for the 2023-2024 racquetball season.

The Racquetball Canada Committees are as follows:

Sport Development Committee

The Sport Development Committee is an advisory committee to the Board of Racquetball Canada.

Key Duties:

  • Select the locations for national events as per Racquetball Canada’s Bid Selection Grid;
  • Select officials for national and international events as per Racquetball Canada’s Officials Selection Policy;
  • Implement training for officials at national events;
  • Develop, maintain and implement Racquetball Canada’s training and evaluation program for Officials;
  • Set the ranking run schedule and work with the provider of rankings to ensure rankings are correct and completed on time;
  • Maintain and update ranking rules and processes;
  • Work with the High Performance Director to implement and develop the NCCP (coaching education) program for Racquetball;
  • Support the approval of event sanctions when needed (via the Executive Director);
  • Collaborate with the Athlete Development Committee and High Performance Committee when needed.

Term: 3 years

Meetings: Minimum 3 x per year or as needed

Hall of Fame Committee (alternates only needed)

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is an advisory committee to the Board of Racquetball Canada (RC). Its primary responsibility is the oversight and selection of members to Racquetball Canada’s Hall of Fame.

Key Duties:

  • Review Hall of Fame nominations;
  • Ensure nominations are complete;
  • Using the pre-selection matrix assess the merit of the Hall of Fame nominations;
  • Vote on Hall of Fame nominations;
  • Recommend to the Board of Directors names of Hall of Fame inductees.

Term: 3 year term

Meetings: 1 to 2 meetings per year


Athlete Development Committee

The Athlete Development Committee is a committee of the Board Racquetball Canada. Its primary responsibility is the oversight and implementation of Racquetball Canada’s grassroots Athlete Development.

Key Duties:

  • Develop and implement resources to support athlete development pathway in the Learn to Train and Train to Compete LTAD stages;
  • Create partnerships with organizations to help grow the sport of Racquetball (i.e., Boys and Girls Clubs, other sport organizations, YMCA’s);
  • Collaborate with the High-Performance Committee to support and enhance the development of Junior aged players;
  • Develop and implement events to showcase the sport of Racquetball and promote participation.

Term: 3 year term

Meetings: 3 meetings per year


Governance and Nominating Committee

The Governance, Nominating and Ethics Committee is a committee of the Board of Racquetball Canada. Its primary responsibility is the oversight and implementation of annual Board of Director nominations and elections, policies, bylaws and constitution.

Key Duties:

  • Seek, identify and recruit qualified individuals to stand for election as Directors;
  • Ensure that candidates for election meet the qualifications to serve as a Director, and fulfill the requirements set out in Racquetball Canada’s Bylaws;
  • Determine what skills and qualities are necessary for the Board to possess;
  • Communicate directly with each candidate to discuss the roles responsibilities and expectations of a director;
  • Promote diversity of the Board in relation to gender, age, language, ethnicity, professional backgrounds, and personal experiences;
  • Have regard to the specific and desired competencies required on the Board
  • Review policies and by-laws and bring forward any changes to the board;
  • Review Racquetball Canada’s Risk Registry and forward any concerns to the board.

Term: 3 years

Meetings: 3 times per year

The application process:
  1. Interested candidates should complete the Expression of Interest form and submit the form, to Kathy Brook, Executive Director by December 11, 2023.
  2. All accepted candidates will need to sign Racquetball Canada’s Code of Conduct, take safe sport training, become a signatory to Abuse Free Sport and disclose any criminal activities.