Team Canada Moves on to Medal Round at Pan Am Games

WINNIPEG (August 4, 2019) The medal round in singles and doubles events begin Monday, August 5 at the Lima 2019 Pan Am Games. Preliminary play ran from August 2 to 4.

Team Canada has advanced to the medal round in men’s singles and in both men’s and women’s doubles.

Samuel Murray of Baie-Comeau and Coby Iwaasa of Lethbridge finished first in their respective singles pools after winning all of their preliminary round matches. Both had challenging matches, but in particular Iwaasa’s win against higher seeded Charles Pratt of USA was the closest with Iwaasa winning 11-9 in the tie-breaker.

Murray goes into the medal round seeded 6th and Iwaasa is the 8th seed. Murray will play 11th seed Carlos Keller (BOL) in the round of 16 on Monday and Iwaasa will face 9th seed Sebastian Franco (COL) in the round fo 16, also on Monday. If the two advance, they will play in the quarterfinals later on Monday.

In doubles, Murray and Iwaasa were close to a top place finish in their pool, losing by just two points to Team USA in the tie-breaker. They are seeded in 5th place in the medal round and will face the 12th seeded team from Peru in Monday’s round of 16 match.

Frédérique Lambert of Montréal and Jennifer Saunders of Winnipeg are seeded 10th in doubles and play the 7th seeded Maria Paz Muñoz and Maria Jose Muñoz (ECU) in the round of 16 on Monday. The Canadian women did not advance in singles play.

The singles and doubles gold medal matches are scheduled for Wednesday morning with the Team Events beginning Wednesday afternoon.

Draws and results are posted on both the International Racquetball Federation (IRF) website as well as the Lima 2019 site, where you can view live scores.

Click here for the link to the IRF draw page.

Click here for the link to the Lima 2019 draws and results page.

It is expected that games will be streamed on the PanAm Sports Channel and ESPN or on the International Racquetball Federation Facebook Page. If you are interested in receiving the links, please watch for our announcements on social media or you can contact us to request an email with further information.

Preliminary Round Results

Women’s Singles – Round 1 (August 2)

Maricruz Ortiz (CRC) defeated Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-8, 14-15, 11-8;

Frédérique Lambert (CAN) – bye

Women’s Singles – Round 2 (August 3)

Kelani Lawrence (USA) defeated Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-7, 15-5;

Rhonda Rajsich (USA) defeated Frédérique Lambert (CAN), 15-10, 15-5.

Women’s Singles – Round 3 (August 4)

Marie Paz Munoz (ECU) defeated Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-7, 15-4.

Monserrat Mejia (MEX) defeated Frédérique Lambert (CAN), 15-9, 15-8.

Men’s Singles – Round 1 (August 2)

Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Luis Pérez (DOM), 15-13, 13-15, 11-0;

Coby Iwaasa (CAN) defeated Charles Pratt (USA), 14-15, 15-11, 11-9.

Men’s Singles – Round 2 (August 3)

Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Fernando Kurzbard (ARG), 15-7, 15-10;

Coby Iwaasa (CAN) defeated Shai Manzuri (ARG), 15-14, 10-15, 11-2.

Men’s Singles – Round 3 (August 4)

Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Enier Chacon (CUB), 15-1, 15-1;

Coby Iwaasa (CAN) defeated Francisco Troncoso (CHI), 15-4, 15-1.

Women’s Doubles – Round 1 (August 2)

Angelica Marrios / Jenny Daza (BOL) defeated Frédérique Lambert / Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-13, 10-15, 11-6.

Women’s Doubles – Round 2 (August 3)

Merynanyelly Delgado / Alejandra Jiménez (DOM) defeated Frédérique Lambert / Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 6-15, 15-12, 11-4.

Women’s Doubles – Round 3 (August 4)

Gabriela Martinez / Maria Rodrigues (GUA) defeated Frédérique Lambert / Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-10, 7-15, 11-4

Men’s Doubles – Round 1 (August 2)

Rocky Carson / Charles Pratt (USA) defeated Coby Iwaasa / Samuel Murray (CAN), 15-12, 10-15, 11-9.

Men’s Doubles – Round 2 (August 3)

Coby Iwaasa / Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Edwin Galacia / Juan Salvatierra (GUA), 15-10, 9-15, 11-0.

Men’s Doubles – Round 3 (August 4)

Coby Iwaasa / Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Fernando Kurzbard / Shai Manzuri (ARG), 15-0, 15-0.