Coaching Education

Racquetball Canada is committed to excellence, whether you are coaching those who are first-time players or those who compete at the elite international level. We work in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to provide coach education and development opportunities that fit the needs of our coaches.

Racquetball Canada’s coaching education program links directly to our Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD) and provides coaches with the right knowledge and skills to help all athletes develop to their potential . Click here for more information about Racquetball Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

For more information about coach education visit our Safe Sport pages where you can find more information about the Responsible Coaching Movement, coach education opportunities and excellent coaching resources.

Racquetball Canada Coach Pathway

Racquetball Canada offers coach education in the NCCP Community Sport and NCCP Competition streams. Coach education is accomplished through NCCP sport-specific workshops administered by Racquetball Canada and NCCP Multi-sport Training Modules available through the provincial and territorial coaching associations

NCCP Community Initiation Coach Training

This training is for coaches working with novice racquetball players typically at the Fundamental or Active for Life stage of Long Term Athlete Development.

NCCP Competition – Introduction Coach Training

This training is for coaches working with athletes who are starting to compete in tournaments and provincial championships. Athletes are typically at the Learn to Train and Train to Train levels of Long Term Athlete Development.

NCCP Competition – Development Coach Training

This training is intended for coaches working with athletes who are competing at the Canadian Championships in the Open category and are at the Train to Compete stage of Long Term Athlete Development.

Advanced Coaching Diploma

This training is designed for coaches of Canadian athletes competing at national, and international levels.

Find a Coach Training Opportunity

Those interested in racquetball specific NCCP coach training should contact their provincial association or Racquetball Canada.

Information about NCCP Multi-sport Training Modules is available through your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative or by consulting the Coaching Association of Canada NCCP Workshop Calendar

Coaching Associations

Provincial Coaching Associations

Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) workshops that Racquetball Canada encourages all coaches to take, even if they are only beginning to coach, include:

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